Visual Identity

If you're looking for a logo, I'm sorry to break it to you, but you need so much more. A logo alone won't be enough. With a visual identity, you'll have the right elements to help your brand flourish - plus I can help with your strategy too.

The Basic Package includes:

  • Mood board
  • Color palette
  • Primary logo
  • Secondary logo
  • Submark
  • Typography
  • Brand guidelines

And we can also discuss your website and social media templates, if those services are relevant to your brand.

TAT 3-5 weeks

Web Design

With a responsive web design, you can ensure your website works on all screens. Whether that's a blog, landing page or eCommerce, this is the service for you!

No matter the work you need done, you'll always get:

  • Design and development (WordPress or Shopify)
  • Tutorials on the chosen platform
  • 14-day support for FREE after your website is live

IMPORTANT: we can't start working on your website without having your complete visual identity in order. So get started on that right away!

TAT 4-7 weeks

Looking for something else? We can discuss all the options! My services are adjustable to your needs and goals, and we may even add or remove services depending on your business needs and budget.

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What's the difference between a logo and a visual identity?

A logo is an important part of your visual identity, but a logo alone won't help your brand stand out. Visual identities help elevate your business and make it easy for people to recognize your brand and products anywhere, plus, an identity is designed with a target audience in mind to make sure you convert those visitors and followers into clients. All packages include a logo suite, submark, graphic elements, color palette, carefully chosen typography, and brand guidelines.

How long does it take to design an identity or build a website?

Visual identities take about 2 to 3 weeks, unless there is packaging involved, and a simple website with up to 5 pages or landing page shouldn't take more than 3 weeks to go live. Ecommerce websites usually take about 4 to 5 weeks to complete.

What's the payment process like?

For any project that costs less than 200 USD, an upfront payment is required. Any other project will be divided into 2 or 3 installments, with the first being 50% of the total amount and paid before the project starts. All transactions are done through Stripe if you wish to pay by credit card and wire transfers are also accepted. The cost of a project varies depending on its complexity - that's why I offer free discovery calls. We can review your business' needs together.

Do you work with international clients? What about the timezone?

Of course! I am currently based in Central Europe, but I have had clients from the US, Brazil, UK, Dubai, Romania, Israel, Italy... The list goes on and on. And no need to worry about time zones - we'll figure out the best date and time for both of us. That's also one of the reasons why my calendar is open with all my available time slots! Pick the one that works for you!

What if I need help in the future?

Feel free to reach out to anytime. If you've deleted a file by accident or if the different file extensions are confusing, don't hesitate to send me an email and I'll help you, free of charge. If you feel too overwhelmed by your website (plugin updates, website backups, eCommerce updates etc), just let me know and we can work out a maintenance package that suits your needs for a monthly fee.

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The Basic Package for this service includes a total of 33 templates, between feed, stories, cover etc, for the channel of your choice.