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Social Media Templates

I usually offer Social Media templates to every client who purchases my Visual Identity packages. We all know social media is important nowadays and you have to make an impact with visually pleasing posts and quality content.

I am not a Social Media Manager and I do not provide marketing or admin services, only design. You can get some tips and best practices from me, but your overall success depends on your social media strategy.  

LAQUILA and I go way back.

We have worked together for over a year and I have worked on a lot of cool stuff for them - landing pages, catalogs, flyers, and social media posts.

Initially, Karol, the founder, would send me the content and I would create exclusive designs for each post. As both our businesses grew, it made sense to create a template pack that she could manage and I could focus on other tasks for her brands.

Ju Bacic was one of the clients who got the full package this year: visual identity, web design, social media templates and more.

Her social media templates reflect her fun, bold brand and communication style. If you watch her stories or read her blog articles, you will see how it all aligns perfectly.

Freebie time! This is a fully customizable pack with 9 vertical Canva templates for you to get started.

Click here to access your free Canva templates

The Basic Package for this service includes a total of 33 templates, between feed, stories, cover etc, for the channel of your choice.